Mobile design for Today!

App Design is a specialized task. Just an idea to make an app is never enough, you must have the knowledge to design for the mobile environment, to pre-plan internet connectivity issues, to properly deliver just the right amount of information to the device to maintain it's responsiveness and accuracy.

Inspiring Success Since 2001

Encke Technologies has, since 2001, provided high-tech solutions to a needed market. We have developed an app development strategy to provide users with a real-time experience to accurate and updated information.

We specialize in making your project a success. We will dedicate all of our time, resources, thought and care in your project! We do not list you as just another customer, but you become part of the Encke Family, appreciating our un-paralleled customer service experience.

You cannot design an application with just one target in mind anymore, there are far too many people using different systems to focus just on one or to develop to market to only one individual client type.

Cross-Platform Design with Ease

Our new app design is formatted to be cross-platform, providing one core design for all systems, allowing you to focus on the design and flow of your app and not the individual design on each device. We have dedicated ourselves to maintaining our status as the best in the business and every day strive to be better and make ourselves and our customers' systems much better.

Our Specialized platform allows you to launch your app to all devices, platforms and systems at the same time, so you can literally allow everyone to access your systems. We make all the code, we update it, we distribute it and maintain version control. All we need is you!